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Enjoy this Thanksgiving spin on the classic minesweeper game. Click a square and you’ll see numbers in the field. That number is the number of how many turkeys are surrounding it. Hold shift and click to flag where you think a Turkey might be hiding. Keep all forty turkeys hidden when you have opened all other squares and you win!



Looking to delight customers?

Today, games are one of the best possible storytelling mediums. More than 150 million Americans delight in playing games. 35 is the average age of a gamer and women make up nearly half of the gaming population. The opportunity for brands to engage new and existing audiences is large.



Looking to increase engagement with your brand?

Studies show that using games when engaging audiences puts people’s moods in the sweet spot between heightened awareness (anxiety) and low engagement (boredom). This means people engaged in games are highly focused and yet still open to marketing messages.



Looking to develop a deeper bond and build brand loyalty?

Games provide both customer engagement and feedback that can help you build stronger bonds. Players come for more and every time they leave behind some interesting insight about their preferences or aspirations. Games can transform brands themselves into search destinations instead of intruders vying for the public’s interest.



Looking to deliver an experience worth talking about?

When you can manage to delight someone, they are more likely to become a fan and the great thing about a fan is that they take the time to learn more about who or what they are a fan of. Develop a well-balanced marketing strategy that includes putting the time and investment into making fans who come looking for you, share your message and become eager customers.


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