“The app makes it easy for you to trade in your phone anytime, anywhere, making it simpler than ever to offset the purchase of a new iPhone. This app is part of our effort to roll out the red carpet for the millions of iPhone owners looking to upgrade. We want you to know that if you have a used iPhone, we’re committed to giving you an easy, fast, and trusted service.” –¬†Israel Ganot, co-founder and CEO of Gazelle.

Who is Gazelle?

Gazelle (www.gazelle.com), a service of Second Rotation, Inc., provides an easy, fast, and fair way for consumers to get cash for their unwanted electronic devices. To date, Gazelle has helped more than 220,000 consumers earn quick cash and generally lead a greener lifestyle. Based in Boston, Gazelle is backed by premier venture capital firms Craton Equity Partners, Physic Ventures, Venrock Associates and RockPort Capital Partners.

Our Results

Collaboration between our team at Provado and the client is never unusual. Just as important is the collaborative partnerships we build with all stakeholders in your company: customers, investors – and even other firms. In this campaign we collaborated with agency and pr firms to develop and launch this mobile app under a fast approaching deadline: Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference. The completed app calculates for customers how much their iProduct is worth in a matter of seconds. Our app is able to detect what iPhone, iPod and iPad you are using in order to facilitate an even quicker trade-in. Launched on deadline and accepted by the apple store on the first submission, Gazelle received a record number of iProduct trades as AT&T and Verizon customers alike looked to upgrade to the anticipated new model.

Received a record number of iPhone trades

Accolades from The Boston Herald & VentureBeat

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